How To Edit your Profile

There are many things that can be added your profile and the way it appears on Reptile Classifieds Australia. Such as descriptions, social media accounts and more. Below is a guide on how to access the profile editor and what you can change or add.

Step 1

Once you have logged in, you are taken to the home page. On the right of your screen there is a “Welcome Back” message and a button called Edit Profile.

Edit Profile

Step 2

You should arrive at the Edit Profile page after following Step 1.
It is pretty self explanatory but there is some tips below the image.

Edit Profile List

  1. Username: This cannot be edited and is locked in when registering with the website.
  2. First Name: Put your first name here
  3. Last Name: Put your last name here
  4. Nickname: This can be the name you are most known for or the name you’d like to have displayed on your adverts.
  5. Display Name: This drop down box is where you choose the name you would like to have displayed on the website.
  6. Email: You can change your email address here. Please note you will have to confirm your email address again before you can post more advertisments if it is changed.
  7. Website: Enter the address of your website if you have one.
  8. About Me: This is where you can add the information about yourself or your business. We can help with customisation of appearance, but this would be charged at a rate of $50/hr.
  9. Twitter: Add the web address to your Twitter account here.
  10. Facebook: Ad the web address to your Facebook profile or page.
  11. New Password: You can reset your password with this button.
  12. Extended Profile: This is currently unused but we do have plans to work towards providing a premium service down the track.
  13. If you have any questions or have a feature suggestion that you would like to see implemented, get in touch with us on Facebook or email us at with some details.