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Young Albino Jaguar Python

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Additional Info

Python Scientific NameMorelia spilota
Contact Number0416912634
Price Typethe lot


Hi, I have a albino jaguar python, name is mooncake.
She was born sometimes in January 2021.
She is an amazing eater and I’ve been feeding her (currently) small rats every 2 weeks.
Selling due to moving and unfortunately can’t take her with me.

$700 for the lot including enclosure (what you see is what you get). negotiable for generous offers or highest offer.
Enclosure consists of :
heat lamp.
Heat mat
2 hideouts, 1 fake log and 1 cave
A bunch of small and large woods.
Some plant decorations

Need gone as I can’t take her with me.

Thank you

March 2, 2023 4:04 pm

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