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URGENT SALE – Darwin Carpet Python (Morelia spilota variegata)

Ensure you have received the sellers reptile license details before you exchange money.

Additional Info

Python Scientific NameMorelia spilota variegata
Age4 Years
Contact Number0477368437
Price Typefirm


Regrettable URGENT sale of my Beautiful Female Carpet Python (Charlie) and enclosure due to moving interstate for work. Tasmania prohibits mainland snakes to be kept as pets.

She has a good temperament, handles and feeds well on small rats or large adult mice (1 every 3 – 4 weeks). Buyer should have or be prepared to obtain a NSW Reptile Keepers Licence

Included with her is everything you need to keep her.
• 1 x Vivariums (W – 800mm, H – 600mm, D – 500mm): RRP $400.00
• 1 x Long Black Display Tables for Vivariums: RRP $60.00
• 1 x Heat Lamps with Ceramic Heat Emitters: RRP $100.00 each
• A brand new URS Thermostat Plus: RRP-$89.95

Any questions please contact me
Andrew Murray

April 20, 2018 2:57 pm

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