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Pygmy Bearded Dragon and Enclosure/accessories SOLD SOLD SOLD

Ensure you have received the sellers reptile license details before you exchange money.

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CityCentral Coast
Dragons Scientific NamePogona henrylawsoni
Age3 years
Contact Number0403971411
Price Typethe lot


We are regretfully selling our gorgeous 3 year old Pygmy Bearded Dragon. Don’t know the sex but we call him Wizard! He has a friendly nature and easy to handle.
He comes with 3 foot Reptile One enclosure (90cm L x 45cm H x 45 cm D), heat lamp, UV lamp, under floor heat mat and all furniture and accessories as per pictures.
Also have spare matting, calcium powder, Vet disinfectant for cleaning, and I also have a cricket keeper.
There is a chip off the top corner of one of the enclosure sliding doors but it overlaps the other door so isn’t an issue.

Please call for further information.
Please note you need a reptile licence to keep one of these gorgeous pets.

March 20, 2022 4:38 pm

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