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Python Scientific NameMorelia spilota variegata
Contact Number0427241801
Price Typetotal


I am devastated to find this guy (girl?) a new home as I’m moving back to New Zealand. This snake has been the coolest to have around and chose this breed for its gentle nature. Sheds on clockwork, feeds on frozen extra large rats, could probably go larger even. And proud to say never ever bitten me once. I also ensured I brought him from a very passionate breeder and have had him since a hatchling. Quite often I will let him free in the spare room, other than knocking everything over due to his size he’s quite happy and predictable hanging out in the wardrobe. Never ever been to the vets, had mites or anything. Although a delicate breed he is happy with his large heat mat and never had heat lights etc. I have changed so many peoples minds about snakes with this guy and wouldn’t hesitate to have him around children. I’m pretty sure he is done growing in length and hopefully have some very near recent photos. If not don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll let him out for another play. This fella will be going to a good home, with a genuine love for snakes. Obviously I’m not great with the technical stuff but please feel free to ask.

September 17, 2018 1:48 pm

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