Female Hypo Dunner Normal Scale Bearded Dragon Plus Full Setup!

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Dragons Scientific NamePogona vitticeps
Age3 months
Price Typetotal


Due to living arrangements and being in a motel I have to sell another one of my reptiles due to a no pets policy!

Hypo dunner normal scaled female bearded dragon and complete setup — pickup, plug in and go!

Candy is around 3 months old and is a gorgeous girl, doesn’t mind being handled (when not in shed) She has amazing oranges and sandy gold colours. Perfect tail & toes — no nips. Loves her dusted crickets and woodies and salads particularly grated butternut pumpkin, grated carrot, chopped up bok choy & kale.

Includes her beautiful professional cabinet built enclosure with 5mm strong glass sliding front doors with finger grooves and lock and key!

Enclosure is 1200 x 600 x 600mm (4ft x 2ft x 2ft) with round air vents along the front and a big snap in vent at the back giving a lovely clean professional look! Also includes a 600mm UVB light fitting + brand new 10.0 Exo Terra UVB and a 40 wattage Zoomed heat lamp with light cage. Doesn’t have a thermostat as temperature is very stable but want hurt to use one! Comes with brand new sand, water bowl, fake plant and climbing branches/sticks, plus Exo Terra digital thermometer!

Can also include “FREE” light globes of x2 100 watt Phillips spot globes, 1x 100w Infrared Exo Terra heat lamp and 1x 150w Arcadia heat lamp!

$600 for everything inc. Candy!

March 21, 2018 10:01 am

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