Female Adult Murray/Darling Carpet Python

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Python Scientific NameMorelia spilota metcalfei
Contact Number0431699952
Price Typefirm


Beautiful adult female Murray/Darling carpet python. Only reason I am selling her is because I am at uni away from home most of the year and I am no longer able to look after her.

She is very docile. Once, when a piece of rat had to be cleaned off her head (only needed to do this once), she did not bite even when she was washed with water in a tub.

Have owned her since 2011 and she was hatched in 2010. Across 8 years she has rejected food less than 5 times (and every instance was either when she was settling into her new home or when she was entering shed), so she is a great feeder. She eats super jumbo rats, one every 2-3 weeks, and may be able to eat small rabbits one day.

Generally sheds very well, she’s only ever shed her skin in more than one piece about twice. Has never had eye scales fail to shed, and tail tip has only needed a bit of assistance 2-3 times.

She has never had the opportunity to breed.

February 9, 2019 11:41 am

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