Eastern Water Dragon Hatchlings

Ensure you have received the sellers reptile license details before you exchange money.

Additional Info

CityDingley Village
Dragons Scientific NameIntellagama lesueurii
Age5 months
Contact Number0418 124 709
Price Typeeach


The Eastern Water Dragon grows to about 1/2 metre long with rough scales, sharp spines and ancient features that resemble fairy tale dragons. They are grey-brown in colour with black banding and some have a red belly and chest.
Usually a broad black band extends through the eye. A crest of spines run from the head to the tail. Water dragons are different from all other lizards – they have 4 well developed limbs, each with 5 claws and a tail that is longer than the body. Males are larger than females, sometimes reaching 80cm in length. Must have a wild life license to purchase.

June 8, 2024 7:16 pm

4 days, 10 hours

January 4, 1970 4:00 am

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