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Breeding pair of dragons & pine corner enclosure 2 tus of cockroaches and 3ft melamine enclosure

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Additional Info

Dragons Scientific NamePogona vitticeps
SexBreeding Pair
Age7 years
Contact Number0432099775
Price Typetotal


1 Male central bearded dragons missing part of tail as per picture

2x tubs of cockroaches (approximately 3,000 cockroaches per tub)

1x Female central bearded dragon (Missing some toes)

1x Custom built pine corner cabinet (2 enclosures)

1x 3 Foot melamine cabinet (can send pictures upon request)

2x Metal probe thermostats & 2x cheaper thermostats

Heaps of accessories (as per picture)

May be willing to separate but would much rather sell all together. Any more details, please contact Max on 0432 099 775

February 11, 2019 11:29 am

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