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Ensure you have received the sellers reptile license details before you exchange money.

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Dragons Scientific NamePogona vitticeps
Age7-12 weeks
Contact Number0400166228
Price Typefrom


Beautiful and healthy mix of leather-back and normal scale, hypo and trans. Not sexed.
Mum is a citrus/yellow Hypo Het Trans Normal scale, and Dad is a citrus/yellow leather-back.

All are eating well (both live food and fruit/veg), pooping and most are starting their first skin-shed. They are also handling well.

Starting price is $150.00.

All have great patterns, and the citrus/yellow Hypo leather-backs are among my favourites.

As always, must have relevant licence and contact me (Ian) with any questions. Additional pictures can be supplied.

February 7, 2023 7:05 pm

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