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Adult Bredli Pair – Very Placid, Handled Regularly

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Python Scientific NameMorelia spilota bredli
SexPair (yet to breed)
Price Typetotal


Regrettable sale, but I need to move my pair of Centralian Pythons to a new home. They grew up together since hatchlings so they will need to go to the same home. They have always been housed together and often end up coiled together under the heat lamps. Both have been handled regularly, including by my four <10yo nieces, and are very placid. They’ve never been fed in their enclosure so they will not strike when you open the glass. One female, one male, both are around 2m long. I’ve had each since they were a couple of months old. They feed well on frozen 500g rabbits around once a month. Always happy/healthy, never had any issues.

Asking $100 for the pair. I’m located in Katoomba NSW 2780, and happy to meet a buyer where convenient. Note that I won’t post the snakes.

May 15, 2018 10:06 am

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