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2 Eastern Long Neck Turtles & 4Ft Turtle / Reptile Tank with, Hood & Supplies

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Additional Info

Turtle Scientific NameChelodina longicollis
SexBreeding Pair
Ageabout 4-5 years
Contact Number0434781009
Price Typethe lot


2 Eastern Long neck Turtles about 5 years old (1 male 1 Female)

Can be a Breeding Pair. If you have the tank set up in the right way

If you are just after the 2 turtles $150 for both (if dont need tank and Supplies)

$550 for 2 Turtles and The Tank & Supplies below.

4 Ft Turtle Tank with Cabinet and Hood
Comes with
UV light
Water Heater
Heat Lamp
DT800 Bubble Pump
Large Turtle Rock (see pic 4, currently not in tank)
Turtle Food
Turtle Conditioner, KH Power
Water Safe Conditioner
Water Jug, Measuring Spoon and Teaspoons
Glass Cleaner
Fish Net and Buckets
Lots Gravel and some Rocks
Under Gravel Pump (see pic 5)

Selling Due To Oldest Son Moving Interest

Please Feel Free To Contact If You Have Any Questions

June 18, 2018 8:10 am

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