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Burns Dragon Hatchlings

I have this seasons burns dragons for sale. Animals are $150 each. I will discount if multiple animals are purchased and do my best to […]

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Western Netted Dragons

I have yearling western netted males for sale. This is the cheapest you’ll see this species sold for. I’m selling these animals as I’m downsizing. […]

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Crested Dragons Young Pair


A young pair of cristatus I’m looking to move on. Male on the left, female on the right. Male bred by Rick Walker, female bred […]

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Chasing Colubrids – Mainly Brown Tree Snakes


Interested in colubrids – Mainly brown trees. Chasing male and female eastern brown trees. Happy to pay up to $200 for decent specimens, maybe more […]

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Male Plains Mice For Sale

I have a number of excess male plains mice for sale. They are wonderful pets and easy to care for. I have a care guide […]

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Goldfields Ring Tail Dragons *Rare*


I have a yearling pair of goldfields ringtail dragons (Ctenophorus infans; formerly Ctenophorus¬†caudicintus infans) for sale. The animals were bred by myself last season and […]

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Banded Knob Tail Geckos


I have a number of juvenile Banded Knob Tail Geckos for sale. Asking $130 each or $100 each for multiples. There are three available. One […]

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Central netteds


Central Netted Dragons available for those interested. Have a number of orange animals left, not too many red and black colour varieties. Awesome beginner small […]

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Western Netted Dragons (Goldfields locality)

I have a few excess male western netted dragons. These animals are absolutely stunning and are probably some of the best coloured dragons in captivity. […]

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Long Nosed Dragons


I have a number of excess G. longirostris¬†for sale at present. Easily one of the coolest captive dragon species. These guys are easy to maintain […]

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