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Blue Tongue Skinks, HET Albino (4)

1 Visual Albino, 3x HET for Albino Blue tongue skinks sold together, will not separate Eastern X Northern Bred by Joe Ball Believed to be […]

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Long Tailed Rock Monitor (V.kingorum)

Varanus Kingorum A small monitor species with a lot of personality. As adults kings are easily hand fed and become very accommodating to human interaction. […]

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Northern Velvet Gecko (O.castelnaui)


Northern Velvet Geckos Animals from 2 different clutches. Parents are HET for albino, out of 3 clutches we have had one visual (not for sale) […]

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Northern giant cave gecko (P.lindneri)


Northern Giant Cave Gecko Pseudothecadactylus lindneri Giant cave geckos are a beautiful species to keep. Growing to a large size for a gecko of around […]

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Varanus Storri Ocreatus

Varanus storri ocreatus. Sub species of  varanus storri, Turkey Creek WA local. 2 young animals currently available. This species remains quite small and very easy […]

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Incubation Tubs


Water Suspension Incubation tubs, available in 12 and 14 egg configuration. Perfect for smaller reptiles these tubs an be used for Geckos, Small Monitors and […]

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Reptile Hides and Caves


Reptile hides and caves, from easy to clean black molded perfect for raking systems  to realistic resin caves for your natural looking enclsoures. See more […]

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Reptile Hides, Various Sizes


The reptile hides offset opening gives your reptile adequate area to hide and sleep, providing optimum shelter for you animals wellbeing. Reptile hide boxes,  reusable […]

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Wanted- NIght Skinks or Great Desert Skink

Looking for either Night Skinks or Greater Desert Skinks (Liopholis striata and Liopholis kintorei) Happy for interstate freight. Email [email protected]

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Varanus glauerti- Kimberly Rock Monitor


Varanus glauerti, One of Australia’s most attractive monitors. A pleasure to keep, these animals tend to calm down and be quite happy with human interaction. […]

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