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Wtb baby blue tongue

Want to buy a baby blue tongue as close to Newcastle as possible. Best way to contact would be text message, thanks.

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Hi I’m looking for a couple of juvenile blue tongues. If u have any for sale please contact me via email, text or call with […]

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Blue tongue skink wanted

I am looking for a single blue tongue lizard as a pet. I am a first time lizard owner and have a license to keep […]

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Swap. Male for female blotched bluey

Looking to swap a suspected male blotched bluey for female blotched bluey. Only looking for a bluey no other swaps thanks

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Wanted: Tasmanian blotched bluetongue lizard

Hi I am after some Tassie blotchies Will pay good money for good quality animals please send a message if you have anything available for […]

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Wanted alphine blotched blue tongue

Looking for a baby alphine blue tongue if you have any for sale or know anyone that does please shoot me a msg. Located in […]

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wanted any blue tongue skink

hi im looking for any type of blue tongue lizard im not to picky about the breed I can adapt, but other then that I […]

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Western bluey


Male Western Blue tongue WA locale wanted.

I am wanting to buy a Male Western Blue tongue (Tiliqua Occipitalis). WA locale preferably. Please let me know if you have any spare. Located Wagga Wagga […]

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Wanted FEMALE 100% het albino Bluey


I’m looking for a 100% het albino female or het hyper female (the price will change for the hyper het). If you have any females […]

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wanted: 10 or more young alpine (or lowland) Blotched Blue-tongued Skinks

I would like to purchase  min. 10 young alpine (or lowland) Blotched Blue-tongued skink specimens in March-April of 2019. I would like to ask licensed […]

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land mullets prs WANTED

prefer in nsw or be able to ship to nsw

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wanted: 8 young Western Blue-tongued Skinks

I would like to purchase  8-10 young  Western Blue-tongued skink specimens in March-April of 2019. I would like to ask licensed breeders who expect to […]

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Wanted: Female alpine blotched blue tongue

Wanted adult female alpine blotched blue tongue. Nsw. Would consider unsexed adult

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Wanted Lowland Blotched Blue Tongue Lizards

Wanted Lowland Blotched Blue Tongue Lizards. Prefer Local Brisbane pick up. If you have 1 or more please contact me. Any age any size. Single […]

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Narrow Banded Sand Swimmer

I’m searching for a male NARROW banded sand swimmer. If you can help please contact me. Happy to pay freight.

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