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Sand monitors

Wanted varanus gouldii gouldii or Flavirufus prefer from nsw or be able to be sent

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WANTED Red ackie monitor

Please be located near syd for pickup

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WANTED Black head monitor male

Looking for a suitable mate for my young female monitor willing to keep in touch with seller and split price of offspring

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WANTED Lace monitor hatchlings either sex

Looking for a young lace monitor preferably handable Willing to pay freight If possible preferably a Maile hapoy with a female tho 🙂 30cm-60cm

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WTB Female Kimberley Rock Monitor

Looking to buy sub adult or adult female Kimberley rock monitor. will Also consider a pair. Willing to pay good $$ and pay for freight.

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WANTED: Sand Monitor

Looking for a Sand Monitor under 1 year old. Either sex. Willing to pay freight for the right animal, however prefer to pick up in […]

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Wanted female sand monitor

Wanted adult or sub-adult female sand monitor willing to freight for the right animal.

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Wanting to buy Lace Monitor

Just looking for a Lace monitor hatching preferable but could go for older feel free to message me on 0458621121 usually always reply. Looking Melbourne […]

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Interested in Varanus Kuranda and Varanus Pellewensis


looking to see what anybody has, not neccesarily interested in buying yet. PM if you breed either of the mentioned/plan to. Cheers, joel.

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Sand Monitor Wanted

Sand monitor wantet, not for breeding purposes Will have great home must be eating well

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Yellow Spotted Monitor Wanted

Looking for Yellow spotted monitor, not for breeding. Any age must be eating well  

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After a Pygmy Mulga Monitor

Hi am after a Pygmy Mulga Monitor location is sydney prefer a baby but will consider all ages i will travel between sydney and new […]

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Wanted small monitors

Has anyone have any small monitor species coming up for sale. After hatchling: -varanus tristis orientalis -varanus caudolineatus -varanus gilleni -varanus brevicauda -varanus gouldii flavirufus

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WANTED Monitors

Wanted Most Monitor Species  Ackie Monitors Tristis Monitors Gillen Monitors Sand Monitors Lace Monitors Will Travel As Far Need Be For The Right Animals! Located: […]

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Wanted: rock monitors

as the title says im chasing rock monitors if u have anything available please contact me. would love some kimbos and some pilbs images are […]

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