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Pygmy Mulga Monitors

Juvenile Pygmy Mulga (Gillen’s) Monitors for sale. Feeding well on small insects and growing fast. Not willing to freight.

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Ridge tail monitor hatchie

We have 1 hatchie ridgie left smashing small crickets $225

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Ridge tail monitor baby

Message me if interested also have a tank for sale if needed 0408168161

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Juvenile Ridge Tailed Monitor

For sale is the last one of my previous hold backs. Eats like a pig and does everything it should. Willing to freight but would […]

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female varanus storri ocreatus

female storrs occie. great little monitor, is not shy will eat from tongs (probably fingers too)  and is always out and about. very active makes […]

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Pilbara Ackie Hatchies

Pilbara ackies, hatched late January, from stunning coloured parents (shown in photos). They’re in prefect health, no missing toes or tail tips, and are starting […]

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Ridge tailed/ Spiny tailed monitor and enclosure

Both lizards are unsexed. The bigger Jackie is named Spencer. He has lost some digits on its hand and feet due to being housed Incorrectly […]

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Kimberley Rock Monitor – Varanus glauerti

Adult male Kimberley Rock Monitor bred by Jason Lapin in 2014. He eats very well and is typically quite calm but can be an aggressive […]

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Lacie Monitor hatchling for sale

For sale 4mths old Normal phase Lacie eating whole rodents only been held for photos only can freight at buyers expense approximately $90 phone or […]

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Blackheaded Monitor Hatchies

Hatchie Black Heads well handled eating and shedding well Gorgeous babies Freight Additional Please email [email protected] Registered Dealer Permit F46581

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Ackie / Ridgetail monitors

Hatchie Ackies well handled eating and shedding well Gorgeous babies Please email [email protected] Registered Dealer Permit F46581

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EOI!!!!! 1x adult pair of Varanus Kingorum proven breeders. $1400 Will come with 3ft(900Lx600Hx450D) glass swing door enclosure setup -stack and hides – water bowl […]

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Hatchling Ridge tail monitors

Feeding well on calcuim and multivitamin dusted crickets, woodies and kangaroo mince. Sex unknown, pick up Liverpool, NSW. Freight available at buyers expense. Check out […]

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Lace monitor

$300 for normals will freight at Buyers expence for extra $150 may sway for other monitors

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ridge tail monitors

hatchie ridge tails available 225 each all smashing crickets and chopped pinkie mice

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