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Pygmy Mulga Monitors

Juvenile Pygmy Mulga (Gillen’s) Monitors for sale. Feeding well on small insects and growing fast. Not willing to freight.

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Pilbara Black headed Python breeding pair

Genuine WA Pilbara blacked python breeding pair. Last bred 3 years ago. Female is from 80 mile beach and male from Port Headland. Around 5 […]

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5 Bay Exotic Planet PVC Enclosure

5 bay exotic planet PVC enclosure. $1800 Please txt 0455254347 if you are interested. Pickup is near Grafton NSW

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Adult Python SX Reptiles – Including X Large Dual Enclosure


Up for sale is my Adult Caramel Coastal Python (4.2kg, 6YO) Purchased as a yearling from Southern Cross Reptiles. Includes 1800 X 800 X 800 […]

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Yearling Coastal – Caramel / Jungle JAG hybrids


Up for sale are my two remaining female Caramel / Jungle JAG hybrids The Sire was a RPM Jungle Jag (SXReptiles)   &        […]

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Albino Blue Tongue approx 18 months old

I am regretfully selling one of my Albino Blue Tongues. Must be able to pick up in Sydney no freight, must have appropriate license no […]

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Painted Dragon Juveniles

Painted Dragon Juveniles . Highly coloured small dragons with great personality. Grow to around 20cm nose to tail tip. Live to around 8.5 years old […]

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male crested main pic


Crested Bycycle Dragon Juveniles

Crested Bicycle Dragon Juveniles. Fat healthy youngsters from parents highly coloured with Reds and orange shading. Very impressive smaller dragons to add to any collection. […]

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main pic


Western Bluetongue Babies

Western Blue Tongue Babies . W.A. form. Cute as buttons and full of character. Already quite tame . feeding very well on medium crickets and […]

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Hi I’m selling some Brand New Reptile UVB 5.0 & 10.0 tube light globes. Perfect for all Reptiles that require UVB weather it’s 5.0 or […]

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Green Python Male Wanted

After a male GTP, rather a young adult or 1.5yrs and older for hardiness. Have cash now, preferably VIC sale will consider interstate. Also prefer […]

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#6 537 M (6)


Hypo bredli jags

Very nice looking, bright coloured Hypo Bredli jag hatchlings for sale. All feeding well on defrosted mice. Temperament is pretty good and would only get […]

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#6 478 M (2)


Diamond Jag

Very High yellow diamond jag Male for sale. He is a confirmed male yearling feeding on defrosted rats or mice and in good health. Selling […]

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Double Het Lava Blue Tongue Skinks


I have the last male DH lava left from this years litter. I was holding him back for someone but the buyer strung me along […]

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Broad Banded Sandswimmer Hatchlings

Established hatchling broad banded sandswimmers available. Feeding well on various insects and growing like weeds. 50 each, I’m more than happy to do a deal […]

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