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Albino darwin

No issues. Slightly small for his age because he went missing for a few months early in his life. Smashing rats now.

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Bearded dragons

10 months old brought as a pair, male leatherback, female normal. Must go together, reptile licence required. Smashing veggies and worms. Pick up only

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Rough Scale Python and Enclosure

Male Rough Scale Python (6 yrs old) plus custom built enclosure for sale. Enclosure measures 130cm tall, 64cm wide and 42cm deep. Logs and vines […]

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Male Bredli and Enclosure

Male Bredli Python (5 yrs old) plus enclosure for sale. Enclosure is custom made by myself. It measures 130cm tall, 64cm wide and 42cm deep. […]

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Rodent Price List


Frozen Snake Food! Sunshine Coast/QLD. Rats & Mice

All of our rodents are fed a high quality pallet, aswell as weekly vegetables, and are gassed with food grade C02. We do everything in […]

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Wanted night tiger

Night tiger wanted. Must eat well and shed well

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Albino Male carpet Darwin python

Getting out of pythons, last male, eats and sheds perfectly and well handled, never bites. Can sell his reptile one full setup, 45x45x60 high tank, […]

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Male carpet python

Mixed carpet python Approx 80cm long Probed as male Stunning pattern and colours Pictures don’t do this fella justice No health issues Can be a […]

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Centralian carpet python for sale (comes with enclosure)

Beautiful snake great temperament. Enclose for sale as well combo snake plus enclosure – $600. Or just snake – $300 exo terra enclosure comes with […]

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2 year old eastern long necked turtle.

Selling my 2 year old eastern long necked turtle as I need the tank for fish. Turtle feeds on pellets and live foods such as […]

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Wanted albino darwin male

Hey guys I’m the next few weeks I’m going to be looking for a male albino, albino jag or sunglow of breeding age and size […]

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Hatchy rack

60 tub hatchlings rack missing 4 tubs comes with 2 heat cords located Melton no swaps

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Dragon and enclosure

One male central bearded Dragon with encloseure and cabinet, day and night heat lamps, UV light, thermostat with timer, 3D Rick wall, Drift wood from […]

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Yearling marble?het pair

Male marble and female het childrens bred by Marty B, I only have these for sale as I need money for my business if I […]

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Long Nosed Dragon Hatchlings

I have a number of long nosed dragons for sale. All fat and growing like weeds. These are some of the best captive small dragons, […]

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